Resolve Property Assessment Appeals Without Burdening Budgets

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  •   Fast, Easy, and Convenient
    - saves you time and money
  •   Paperless Process
    - all information is centrally stored
  •   Efficient Case Management
    - from open to resolved, all in one place
  •   Easy Workflow Tracking
    - greater visibility through the appeal lifecycle
  •   Improve Communication and Satisfaction
    - among staff, taxpayers, and agents.

Modria Resolution Center Features

Online Filing

Online Filing

Staff, taxpayers or agents can file online and provide attachments

Communication Tools

Communication Tools

Communicate, exchange documents, and share appeal status with taxpayers and agents

Case Management Tools

Case Management Tools

Manage thousands of appeal at ease with appropriate filters, reporting, and staff assignment

Decisions and Appeals

Decisions and Appeals

Provide decision, appeal instructions, and timeframes online

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

Integrate with you existing CAMA system and meet specific state requirements

Modria Resolution Center is already delivering outstanding results to Assessors offices throughout the US and Canada including in Orleans Parrish, LA, Davidson County, TN and British Columbia.

Alachua County
Davidson County
Gwinnett County
New Orleans Parish

What is Modria?

Modria, based in Silicon Valley, is the world’s leading online resolutions company.

Today, Modria Resolution Center for Property Assessment Appeals is dramatically improving the Appeals process for taxpayers and Assessors across the US and Canada including Orleans Parrish, LA; Davidson County, TN; and Property Assessment Appeal Board, British Columbia. Our experts built eBay and PayPal’s resolution platform that successfully settles more than 60 million cases per year. Our founder, Colin Rule, wrote the definitive book on online dispute resolution. Let us help you take control of your appeals, improve taxpayer satisfaction and your staff morale.

What People are Saying

  • Our goal is to deliver the best possible service to our clients and give them a wide variety of means to participate in appeals. Some prefer to resolve their cases online rather than via phone or in-person. Modria’s ODR package provides us with a user friendly vehicle to delivery on online dispute resolution alternative.

    Steve Guthrie

    Registrar, Property Assessment Appeal Board, British Columbia

  • Modria has improved efficiency within our office and has offered property owners an effective, reliable, and easy-to-use online appeals process. They have created the most advanced platform currently available for handling property tax assessment appeals.

    Errol Williams
    Erroll Williams

    Assessor for Orleans Paris, LA

  • Modria has increased efficiency, reduced cost and improved morale within our office and has offered property owners an effective, reliable, and easy-to-use online property dispute resolution center.

    George Rooker
    George Rooker

    Assessor for Davidson County, TN

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